The Wines of Evergreen Valley

The winemakers and wine drinkers of the world all appreciate a single basic truth.  It takes fine grapes to make fine wines.  Our first step in creating fine wines is to obtain the finest fruit possible, either by growing it right here in the valley, or by working in cooperation with selected growers to reach our goal.  Only then can the cellarmaster bring out the beauty hidden within the grapes.   Quality begins in the vineyard, not the wine cellar... in the wine cellar we can only build upon the original gifts of nature, never creating something that was not there in the first place...
In the fine old tradition,  we create our wines from a single type of grape, rather than by blending together many different types of grapes.  We then bottle the wine by vintage year, with the name and the origin of the grape clearly indicated right on the label.    This is our promise - you will always know exactly what you are getting.  The  wines in the bottle are what they say they are, no shortcuts, no compromises.  These wines are more than simply a bottled beverage, they are an artistic expression,  a  tradition, and a treat to be enjoyed.

The Miracle of Microclimate

One of the wonderfully unique things about wine is the fact that all the wines of the world taste different. This is not just due to the different grapes grown in different countries, it is not simply a difference in the winemaking styles of different wineries. It is also a matter of geology, of soil and of the chemistry of the living vine.

Think about it. All the wine you ever will drink (hopefully!) has a beginning in the sap drawn up out of the earth through the roots of a grapevine.  The flavor of the wine is controlled by the life of that vine.  How much sun the vine gets, how hot the days are, how cool the nights are, how much it rains, the nature of the soil, even the size of the crop - these all have an effect on the flavor of the grapes that the vine produces.

The combination of all these effects, right on the spot in the vineyard, is something the French found out about centuries ago, and they call it "Terroir"... the closest word we have for it is "Microclimate", the environment right where those particular grapes live.

So, while cows all give milk and it all tastes about the same... Grapes are different, and where they grow changes the flavor of the wine... 

...and so, our flavors are ours alone because our microclimate is ours alone...

So, can you show me what these wines are really like?

We really wish we could!  In person, it is easy.  On the web, it is tough.  You will have to use your imagination a bit.   If only we could reach through the computer screen and hand you a glass of toasty white wine, golden and fruity, with all the delicate spicy aromas and flavors that go on long after you sipped the wine itself, you would understand.  Even more so, if we could hand you a glass of our classic red wine, an inky dark purple liquid, rich with earthy bramble and blackberry aromas from the grapes, flavors made even more wonderful by the oak barrels in which it was aged, then you could see it for yourself.    Until Internet technology brings us virtual tasting, the only way you can really come to enjoy our wines is to taste them directly.

Wine Tasting