Winemaking Supplies

  • We have most of the basic winemaking supplies at the winery, this is just a partial listing.

  • We can get the more sophisticated stuff on demand.

  • Call for prices - we stock only the best and at good prices!

  -Here's just a few of the supplies and accessories we presently stock at the winery-



2 prong corkpuller

Sturdy and easy to use, opens everything BUT the synthetic plastic cork some wineries are using today - it will open any Evergreen wine as we use only pure natural cork...


Lever corkpuller

Opens ALL wine cork, has knife to cut foil, places least stress on hands. Italian made

Pen style corkpuller

Compact, inexpensive, yet does the job well

Evergreen Valley  Wine Glasses

6.5 ounce logo glass


Gift Boxes and Baskets

Various Styles, shipping not included

Bottle Stoppers

Lever and plug - keeps the wine safe once opened

Wine Crackers

Same ones used in the tasting room!

Bottle Tags, pack of 10

Erasable, reusable, hang them on bottles in the rack to identify the wines in your collection

Pa Wineries Book

Paperback compilation of Pa Wineries information

Home Winemaking Supplies

Hand held corkers

Easy to use lever-style cork inserter

5 Gallon Glass Carboy

The traditional home winemaking container

Note: Shipping costs for glass are sometimes as much as the carboy itself - inquire for rates to your area.

Wine yeast

Various types - Why use anything else to make wine??

Fermentation lock

Basic air trap device to keep the air out of the wine...

Rubber Stopper

With hole, fits fermentation lock and goes in carboy


Simple glass float to measure sugar in fresh juice

Home winemaking book

Beginner's book of winemaking, excellent, and inexpensive.

Home winemaking corks

Pure natural wine corks

Potassium Metabisulfite, 100 grams

Many uses - sterilizes bottles, keeps wine from spoiling

More details will be coming as we develop the website...